Start Here

Wired2theWorld - David and Kristina made my favorite RTW site on the web.  It (and they!) encouraged me to take my trip, in addition to being valuable resources in planning.

RTW Travel Guide - Another repository of RTW knowledge.

CDC Travelers' Health - Useful for understanding what the health risks are in different countries and what vaccinations you might need, from the Center for Disease Control.


Planning Tools

AirTreks - Play with their TripDesigner tool for countless hours of travel planning fun.

Airline Accident Ratings - For the paranoid. 

Bargaining Tips for Travelers by Larry Lustig - Read this before Morocco!

International Hostels - The cheapest non-camping way to see Europe.


Tech stuff

First Internet Bank of Indiana - What do they know about banking in Indiana?  A lot more than you might guess...  Be sure to read my page on banking from abroad. - The best place to buy a digital camera online.

Steve's Digicam Reviews - My favorite source for digital camera info. 

Lexar Media - Makers of the wonderful USB enabled Compact Flash cards. - The best power and phone adapters for RTW travel.  Will answer all your q's on the phone too. 

Sony Vaio Picturebook PCG-C1XS Sub-notebook  - The beautiful Sony PictureBook C1XS



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