Tibet Photos

Eyes on the Kumbum in Gyantse

From the roof of the Jokhang

The Potala Palace


Say "Yak Cheese"

Prayer Flags


Prayer wheel or merry-go-round?

Two Girls in Lhasa


Prostrates himself around the Barkhor Circuit

A Young Pilgrim


Rebuilt after the Cultural Revolution

Inside the Ganden Monastery


Sunrise in the valley

The Gyantse Kumbum


He twirls swords too

Dancing Monk


Om mani padme hum

Buddha Rock Painting


The Sakya Valley

Harvest time


Father watches from the background

Young Harvester


Qomolangma to the Chinese

Mount Everest at Sunset


Sarah, Simon, Teressa, Marsh, and Jeff

On Our Way to Base Camp


Lounging in their tent at the foot of a glacier

Nomad Child and Mother


Thankfully we got ourselves a caravan

Didn't Look That Deep...