Salamanca to Coimbra


Plaza Mayor in Salamanca

Plaza Mayor (Salamanca)


Happy Holidays to you!

Happy Holidays! (Viana do Castelo)


Cathedral in Santiago de Campostela, Spain

Cathedral in Santiago de Campostela


Pilgrims walking through the park (Santiago, Spain)

Pilgrims in the Park (Santiago)

The Galician coast of Spain (Muros)

Muros on the Galician Coast


Granary used for storing food (Muros)

Typical Galician Granary (Muros)


Turn the Eiffel Tower sideways...  (Viana do Castelo)

Bridge by Gustave Eiffel (Viana do Castelo)


Praca da Republica lit up at night (Viana do Castelo)

Praca da Republica (Viana)


Port transport and the Pont Luis I (Porto)

Pont Luis I (Porto)


Pont Luis I lit up at night (Porto)

Pont Luis I at Night (Porto)


Stephanie, the tour guide at Grahams port lodge (Porto)

Graham's Port Lodge Tour Guide


Braga upset Porto 2-1 (Braga)

Braga Scores vs. Porto


Nice place to go to school (Coimbra)

University Tower (Coimbra)


Luis is on the right in traditional student garb

Traditional Student Garb (Coimbra)


Much political graffiti a week after the elections (Coimbra)

Graffiti and Armband on a Statue (Coimbra)


See the men seeking shelter from the rain?  (Viana do Castelo)

Colorful Houses (Viana)


This keeps people employed!  (Coimbra)

Typical Sidewalk (Coimbra)


The yellow squares are tiny tiles.  (Muros)

Typical Door (Muros)