Louisiana to Maine

And more importantly, bar...

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, New Orleans


Live Oaks, Avery Island


Good spot for a hammock

The Smoky Mountains, NC


Not as easy as it looks...

Uncle Chaffe Blowing Glass


Early morning sun

Dogwood, NC


Or is it "Capitol"?

The Capital, DC


Mmmmm... lobster

Five Island's Pier, ME


Georgetown Island

A Maine Waterway


They don't take American Express

Lobster Shack


Just not feeling funny today

Portland Headlight


Spring sprang



Ave Regales 30k+!

Sister Speaks


Ethereal Light

Arriving at Baxter Park


"The Birches"

Rainy Trail, Baxter


Goodbye rain, hello blueberries!

Sunny Walk

Definitely not poisonous

Garter Snake


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