Northern India Photos

Rush hour

Morning Boats on the Ganga


Is it time to go home yet?

Contemplating Sadhu


Don't expect to get clean

A Bath and a Prayer


An ordinary, everyday type of occurence

An Offering for Mother Ganga


The cleanest place in India

The House that Love Built


Awaiting the full Halloween moon

A Glimpse from the Fort 


Far from the maddening touts

Colorful Bundi


What India is all about

Old Woman and Cow



Decorate Your Bovine Deity


Colorful Saris

Vegetable Market


Nice teeth...  on the camel!

A Man and His Camel


Makes great fuel...  really.

What to Collect from 50,000 Camels?


Camels prove that someone upstairs has a sense of humor.

To Market, To Market


If at first you don't succeed, chai, chai again

A Chai and a Yawn


Respite from the Festival

Drying Laundry by Pushkar Lake


Kolkata - the last bastion of running rickshaws.

A Rickshaw-wallah