Southern China Photos

Women pray near Dali, Yunnan

Hanging out at the corner store

Old men near Dali


The man himself



Along the Li Jiang

Limestone Karsts near Yangshuo


On the Li Jiang River

Girl in a houseboat


Kids in the country

Country Bumpkins


Chinese Architecture

Towers in Dali


marketumbrellas.jpg (72779 bytes)

A Local Market in Yushuo



marketfireworks.jpg (63345 bytes)

Shopping for Fireworks


Naxi Musicians

Naxi Musicians


Mah Jong

Mah Jong in the Park


Smoking Man

Old Man Near Dali


The Daily News

Reading the Paper


Wish you would step back from that ledge my friend

Tiger Leaping Gorge


Spend the night here

Naxi Family

Begin the trek

Tiger Leaping Gorge Begins


The United Nations

Down by the Water