Under construction for a century

Sagrada Familia (Gaudi)


Decorated with mosaic tiles

Sagrada's Spires


Built by ____



Gaudi's Dragon Roof



Casa Milo's organic form

La Pedrera


Soldier chimneys inspired by Wagner

The roof of La Pedrera (Gaudi)


Art deco lamp and building

Manzana de la Discordia


Almost boring by comparison

The Gothic Cathedral


Welcome to Parca Guell

Gaudi's Lizard


The Spanish love their pork

At the Market


Looks like the teacup ride at Disney

Longest Bench in the World


The view of the city from Gaudi's utopian park

View from Parca Guell


Kung Fu man entertains the kids

Street Performer on Las Ramblas


Full of Christmas cheer (Voll Damm)

Christmas Dinner at the Kabul Hostel